The safety of work at height

The safety of work at height

Loaders, cranes, boom lifts…and lots of other machines used in construction require work at height. To provide the safety of work of height it is necessary to bear in mind basic HSE regulations.

Only with the proper authorization.

Work at height is particularly dangerous. Therefore the safety principles are not only determined by general legal provisions set out in The Regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Care dated 26 September 1997 concerning the safety and hygiene at work, but also by Chapter 9 of The Regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure of 6 February on safety and hygiene during working at height.

According to the regulations, a person performing work at height (on the surface placed at least 1 meter above the ground without any protection from falling) is required to obtain certain authorisation:

  • take the course in HSE including the hazards of work at heights as well as the principles of using personal protective equipment and safety devices
  • pass successfully medical examination qualifying to work at height conducted by an occupational – medicine physician
  • have a certificated qualification to service machinery moving horizontally and vertically at height

That is why comprehensive and systematic trainings are so important – they minimize the hazards of accidents

The safety of work at height

Proper organization is the essential of work at height. It is also regulated by labour Code provisions. Among others, it is necessary to:

  • secure ladders, scaffoldings, bridges and other equipment from destabilisation and ensure the endurance of structure to the load
  • adjust a working bridge to have a proper size, level the access to devices and materials, etc.
  • organise the work in a manner that workers do not have to lean out of the machine on which they stand or a guardrail
  • providing the workers with personal protective equipment such as harnesses, helmets, protective clothes and shoes as well as collective protection measures – including guardrail

Remember: Labour Code provisions severely penalise for breaching the EHS regulations on a work site – the penalty for non – fulfillment of requirements could amount to 30 000 Polish zlotys. Most importantly, it poses a serious threat to workers and other people’s health and life. You have to ensure the safety of work at height, among others, by providing equipment of high standards and security measures.