Rental equipment

Rental equipment saves money. You use – you get benefits

Polish rental market of construction equipment is developing rapidly and there are more and more clients as well as those who are interested in machinery rental. What are the benefits of renting instead of buying new machinery?

Construction rental market is developing year on year in Poland

Polish investors are expected to resign of making individual investments in construction machinery, scaffolds or boom lifts just like they did in the western Europe. Demand for rental services on the market is growing year on year.

Equipment rental gives the opportunity to use modern equipment without bearing high costs

It is not only the matter of buying the equipment, but also about paying for the warehouse of cranes, excavators or lifts and their constant service. Clients expect the effectiveness and high productivity as well as their safety during work on a construction site.

Rental is also available for individual clients

It means that you can easily order a crane with an operator to repair your roof, an excavator or
a telehandler – all without excessive costs and wasting your time.

Rental provides the safety and comfort of work

Modern and well–functioning equipment is the guarantee that all works on
a construction site will be finished in a short time and the risk of accidents or complications is minimized.

Rental allows to invest money in the main business.

The reduction of fleet and other costs – the purchase, warehouse, service and machinery exploitation, saves money both for big and small companies.

Rental provides you with flexibility because you can adjust the equipment to your needs.

Clients do not have to compromise any more as they can adjust the conditions of rent to their personal preferences. One week you can rent a crane and a in another one a basket lift. Time of rental, service and the scope of work is relevant to client’s expectations. There are numerous benefits of rental equipment in Poland. Is it better to buy or rent? The answer is obvious.